Saturday, November 29, 2008

10236 Charing Cross Drive

I woke up this morning in Hollywood. Literally. As the hotel I was staying at was called the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. I went down to the hotel diner while waiting for the huge stretch limo the European television series, Dutch TV, was sending for me. And right there on the sidewalk beside my table was
Julio Iglesias' star. Right there on the pavement! (If you've read my book, you can understand the significance of that!)

Last night we shot at a club, which was difficult because it was so loud. Today the the film crew wanted to get B-roll of me as I used to be. So we first went to a spa and from there to Rodeo Drive to shop. They gave me a bunch of hundred dollar bills specifically for that purpose, but I ended up not buying anything and instead decided to save the money for my kids in Haiti.

So from there we went to 10236 Charing Cross Drive. The Playboy Mansion. Where for an hour I told my story of how I came to be there, and how I came to leave there, and how I came to be in Haiti, which is where I'll be tomorrow.

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