Friday, November 28, 2008

My First Post

leaving for Los Angeles this morning to film a television interview tonight.  That is if I can get out this morning.  It’s snowing the way it does when the airlines cancel your flight.  From LA I leave for Miami and then soon I should be in Haiti with all of my children at the Mercy & Sharing orphanages.  I spent Thanksgiving thanking God for so much like my husband, my health, family, my dogs, my warm home, plenty of food and water and even wine.   I  wondered what the people in our rural villages were eating today in our feeding program.  I wondered if one particular woman named Rita would think of me today because she was on my mind so much.  Rita is over 90 years old.  She doesn’t know her birthday.  She’s blind, she has a large tumor on the side of her face and her body is deformed.  The last time I visited her she was singing.  I really love Rita.  I can’t wait to see her on this trip to Haiti.

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Rosalie said...


Your dogs look soooo cute ! Bet they are adorable.

Blessings to you and Joe.